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Outcome tracking is a way for doctors to quickly understand their patients’ symptoms and optimize care. It removes the guesswork so providers can select the best treatment the first time.

How it Works

Patients are sent short medically validated surveys that are easily completed on any device.

The completed surveys produce an objective score that measures the patient’s symptoms before treatment and allows both patient and provider to follow how their score changes over time.

Every patient has a starting score (intial level of wellness). Between that score and the smiley face (perfect health) is the patient’s improvement potential. The colorful arrow shows how much of that potential has been achieved. All patients listed on this site have achieved at least 50% of their improvement potential.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And that’s why doctors who care enough to track outcomes actually produce better ones.

OutcomeRatings.com independently validates and showcases the providers who are measuring patient outcomes so you can be confident you are choosing the best possible healthcare provider for you.

The Outcome is Everything

The Outcome is Everything Check out the articles for diverse views on the importance of outcome tracking